The Devil Bores Me
Crank this to 7.9 of 11
Hardcore, Punk
Sounds Like:
Will Haven, Every Time I Die, Bloodlet
The Devil Bores Me… what a terrific name, along with an intriguing dark album cover is too much to pass up. The four-piece band from Seattle, Washington hits us with some old school hardcore laced with a tinge of modern day post-hardcore. The first three songs on this EP are great, they have an early 90s raw emotional feel. The vocals of Beau Pictor are a blend of Will Haven’s Grady Avenell and Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die, guttural and intense. As for the background vocals, they help create this early 90s feel, hardcore fans will gravitate to this one easily.

We really like the slight echoed vocal effect scattered throughout, it gives the EP a trippy aura among the hardcore. The percussion is deep and powerful while the guitars can be sludgy and progressive; together they are a tight knit group. They even know when to bring the rhythm down from time to time, creating some needed diversity. The last song “Chicken TV” is kind of a disappointment, his ranting about society’s flaws takes center stage and the chorus is just a bit weak. Well, three out of four songs isn’t too bad; we recommend you check them out, the first three are worthy of your attention. We hope they can release a full length soon as there is a lot of talent here ready to bring us one hell of a hardcore record. - 3/21/2016

Track Listing:

1. Channel Cat 05:16
2. Abrasion 05:37
3. 29 B 03:52
4. Chicken TV 03:35

Neal Hallmark - Guitar & back-up vocals
Adam Roberts - Bass & back-up vocals
Guy Capobianco – Drums
Beau Pictor - Lead Vocals

Standout Tracks:
Abrasion, 29 B
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