The Good Kind of Mushroom
(Bapharet Vessel)
Crank this to 7.8 of 11
Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
Tumbleweed, That's All Folks
The Good Kind of Mushroom is a two piece band hailing from Fort Worth Texas. This is their third release and was apparently recorded in their garage. The southerners clearly have an affinity towards all things psychedelic and hallucinogenic. The vessel they speak of enables a horned lizard goat's journey through space in time. There are some very powerful moments throughout this album particularly when they bring things down a bit.

Did anything really irk us about the album?
Most disconcerting is the excessive use of the cymbal. Particularly on the first three tracks. It's distracting and really brings down our rating. While the raw rustic appeal works throughout the album the sloppy cymbals are a problem.

What does the band do very well?
The duo really shines at bringing things down and highlighting the contrast between ethereal and heavy.

How is the vocal performance?
Pretty solid, although, it would be nice to infuse a bit more echo to add to the psychedelia. Adam has a well suited voice for this genre... if he would just lay off that fucking cymbal a bit.

Does the album art reflect the music?
Absolutely, vivid image of the horned goat amongst a psychedelic deluge.

Two words that describes this album.
Ethereal grit

What is the best track on the album?
"Grand Lizard Bapharet," without a doubt the infusion of doom make this track tremendous. This is the direction that the duo needs to go.

What other bands do we recommend if The Good Kind of Mushroom appeals to us?
Tumbleweed it is an up skewer classic good luck finding it.
Black Cobra more doom then psychedelia that's for sure but this is also a duo and they can jam pretty well.

What adult beverage do we recommend while listening to this album?
Tröegs Brewery released an experimental, small batch beer made with mushrooms grown i. in Pennsylvania.

What activity is best to partake in during the listening of this album?

What are our final thoughts about Bapharet Vessel?
Bapharet Vessel is an album that is certainly worth your time. While the production is intentionally rustic, we have problems with the gritty overlap that takes away from what these two talented folks can deliver. We will certainly checkout their other works and keep them in rotation.

01. Luke’s Third Vision
02. Demon Leaf
03. The Good Kind of Mushroom
04. Furrows
05. Stoa of Attalos
06. Grand Lizard Bapharet
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