The Lion's Daughter
(Existence is Horror)
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Black Metal, Sludge, Hardcore
Sounds Like:
Neurosis, Herder, Gojira
The Lion’s Daughter is a three piece band hailing from Missouri and are ringing in the New Year with their second full length album and fourth release entitled Existence is Horror. While their name may be totally random having been taken on a whim after seeing the romance novel cover at the airport, guitarist/vocalist Rick Giordano and drummer Erik Raiser eventually joined forces with Scott Fogelback of Love Lost But Not Forgotten. The result is anything but random, and rather a very focused pummeling attack of ferocity. As compared to many albums labeled in the black metal genre, Existence is Horror offers up a pretty diverse collection of anger. The ten track onslaught actually does a very nice job mixing things up and avoiding monotony. Giordano’s vocals are entertaining and intense while the ‘death metal’ quadruple bass drum moments are thankfully sporadic. Rather, Lion’s Daughter offers up quite a bit of texture and change-ups to keep things ominously vibrant.  

Track Listing:
1. Phobetor
2. Mass Green Extinct
3. Nothing Lies Ahead
4. Dog Shaped Man
5. Four Flies
6. Midnight Glass
7. The Fiction In The Dark
8. A Cursed Black End
9. They’re Already Inside
10. The Horror Of Existence

We hear traces of post-rock metal influences in Pelican and ISIS periodically throughout the album. Some tracks could grow tiring if sustained such as the persistent “Nothing Lies Ahead” which is primarily full on belligerent angst. Our favorite and most diverse track is "Four Files" which features some tremendous bass-work and complex arrangements. Terrific contrast as the feedback and swirling guitar-work invoke a sound like nothing you have heard before nor anything you can compare to. Dark melodies ensue after the smoke clears and the march is on. Track six, "Midnight Glass" is loaded with power riffs that ebb and flow in between black metal and sludge. This track is downright disturbing with he despair that Giordano delivers. Notice the distinct contrast in "A Cursed Black End" showing a glimpse of the different degrees of intensity The Lion’s Daughter can generate.

The closing track, “The Horror of Existence” really leaves you unsettled as a canvas of apocalyptic paint is filled. Dirty sludge and guttural distorted vocals dominate this majestic closer. A very powerful and unique ending that you will not get out of any other black metal work.

Existence is Horror is not for the faint of heart, but should be for the open-minded. Those listeners who are very weary about this genre should give this one a few rotations. The album is diverse enough to periodically bludgeon you with black metal so that you unknowingly enjoy it. Our hopes are that it might break you in to a genre that does have quite a few hidden gems flying way under the apocalyptic radar. - 2/3/2016

Standout Tracks:
Four Flies, The Horror Of Existence
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