The New Geometry
Crank this to 8.6 of 11
Post rock
Sounds Like:
Red Sparrowes, God is an Astronaut, Coldbones
Beauty, inspiration and stimulating are just a few words describing post-rock foursome The New Geometry. The band from Porto, Portugal has released a polished three song debut EP that floored us upon first listen. These three tunes contain the typical formula necessary to conjure up one hell of an instrumental post rock EP. The music has a clean production and each instrument is allowed to shine which is a requirement for high-end post rock.

The first cut entitled “Lightseeker," which runs at 5:24 starts off on a mellow and dramatic tone. It builds ever so slightly within the first two minutes or so, than breaks out into an explosion of heavy post rock and shoegaze. It’s quite an impressive opening track. Next up is “The Inner Conflict” and this one gives off a smooth, triumphant vibe, think Explosions in the Sky meets Coldbones, you really can’t go wrong. The final track “Brothers By Light” is absolutely stunning. We find the addition of the spoken word poetry enhances the experience. The song also exudes such positive feelings, makes you want to get out and contribute something productive to the world.

Give it up for The New Geometry for luring us in with this three song EP. If this is just a taste of what is to come than we are more than ready to welcome a full length album into the fold. - 2/16/2016

Band Members:
Walter Teixeira - Guitar
Filipe Ferreira - Guitar
Filipe Silva - Bass
Luis Chaka - Drums

Standout Tracks: Brothers By Light
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