The Pinx
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Rock, Classic rock, Blues
Sounds Like:
Raging Slab, Thin Lizzy, Crobot
The Pinx from Atlanta Georgia sure know how throw down some freewheellin, hard rockin’ thunderboggie. If you like your rock with boatloads of southern flare, straight-up 90s Raging Slab-era rock and roll, than perhaps The Pinx is right up your alley. Freedom, the bands sophomore album is a whirlwind of classic rock. You’ll hear everything under the sun from the likes of Kid Rock and Thin Lizzy to Crobot and even bands like Free and that’s only after a few listens. We still manage to hear many influences pop up from Cheap Trick and even a tad of Lynyrd Skynrd, by now we think you’ll get where were coming from.

What are the highlights of the album?
Track 3 “Baby Don’t” is by far the best cut. The distorted bass and muffled vocals bring a needed rustic blues vibe to the album. “Sun House” is a great tune that captured our attention; it has a Queens of the Stoneage vibe, which feels out of place among all the southern classic rock. “Other Side” is very catchy and the Ozzy-like vocals are somehow intriguing, just another example of how many influences you will find scattered throughout.

How is the production value?
The production is very good and solid, these guys are a talented bunch.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?

Have a glass or two of Southern Comfort on the rocks.

What are our final thoughts on Freedom?
The Pinx throw so many influences into their music that it’s impossible to name them all. It’s actually fun to compare who they sound like. The bottom is if you like modern southern classic rock this one is for you. - 12/11/2016

1. Rock All Night 02:48
2. Southern Gentleman 04:00
3. Baby Don't 03:06
4. Blue Dream 04:31
5. Sun House 04:05
6. Other Side 04:01
7. Ballad of the Bands 02:36
8. Boss Man 02:16
9. I Got The Cure 04:28
10. Baby Won't Ya 05:30

Band Members:
Adam McIntyre played guitar, bass, percussion and sang
Dwayne Jones played drums
Jon Lee sang backing vocals on a few songs
Chance McColl played guitar on "Baby Won't Ya"
Joe Giddings sang on "Sun House"
Margaret Mason Tate McIntyre sang on "Ballad of the Bands"
Amos Rifkin played drums on "Southern Gentleman"
Noah Pine played all keys
Ruby Velle sang on "Blue Dream" and "I Got The Cure"
Dan Eletxro played drums on "Baby Won't Ya".
Bryan Malone and Anela Terzic sang on "Baby Won't Ya"
Will Raines played accordion on "Ballad of the Bands"

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