The Red Widows
Crank this to 10.3 of 11
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Sounds Like:
Windhand, Deathbell, Black Mare
Monday, August 26, 2019
What a perfect title to this album and combined with the hauntingly clever cover, what fan of the heavy could pass this up. Fuzzifixion is one heavy mother and all about worshiping the almighty hazy riff. Following on the heels of 2017s Rising EP, the threesome hailing from London have upped their game. They toned down the stoner doom in lieu of a more haunting and bludgeoning deep fuzz, and man it was a wise choice. Fuzzifixion can seem very repetitive, but for true doom fans, it's a beautifully wall of sound. 

We seriously couldn't crank this high enough and If you go too high, the deep fuzz will challenge your system. The album sounds as if it were recorded in an abandoned church or gymnasium, it has such a massive production. Singer and bassist Alex Corvino steals the show with her sultry, yet ghostly tone. Think PJ Harvey on roids or a trippier Chelsea Wolfe and with the perfect amount of echo, it’s impossible not to focus on the lyrics. The guitar performance by Rev. MojoFuzz is a relentless low-end riff that resonates beautifully through the room, add to this a bottomless bass and the mammoth drums of Marco Alejandro Papiz and you may have the doom album of the year. Words can only do so much in a review, do not preview this on your phone, download it or go the vinyl route and crank this waaaay up.

1. Pendulum 13:20
2. Lucifer's Maiden 16:33
3. There Is No God 10:20
4. Cursed Forever 09:37
5. His Name Is Death 12:12

Standout Track(s)
Among all the heavy mindtripping fuzz, “Cursed Forvever” is fucking brilliant as they get even darker. The soft, distant vocals among the lonesome bass and cymbals is astonishing, and when the heavy kicks in, look out. The contrast on this track is second to none. The lead into the next track “His Name is Death” is flawless and really keeps us engaged. We must mention the spoken word sections on this track by guitarist Rev. MojoFuzz brings a 70s occult aura into the mix.

Adult Beverage Pairing
We recommend something on the stronger side and rich with flavor. Grab a hold of some Interlopers Imperial Stout by Aslin Beer Co. In Virginia. This tasty craft beer is a whopping 15% ABV with flavors of Blueberry, Almond, Maple, Toasted Coconut, and Vanilla. Yes, a perfect companion for Fuzzifixion.

Risk of Subwoofer Damage
10.6 of 11

Captivation and Variety
10.3 of 11

Weight of the Heavy
10.5 of 11

9.1 of 11
Lyrics and Song Structure
10.3 of 11

Hallucinegetic Levels
10.2 of 11

Overall Album Flow
10.5 of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics
10 of 11

Production Value
10 of 11

Final Thoughts
We listen to a boatload of doom/sludge and every once in a while we come across a band that just grabs a hold of us. The Red Widows possess a unique doom aura different from the rest and we love the direction they are heading in. DHU Records has a true gem in their catalog, check them out for the vinyl, for this kind of doom is only deserving of the best sound quality possible.

The Red Widows are:
Alex Corvino: Vocals & Bass
Rev. MojoFuzz: Guitars & Backing Vocals
Marco Alejandro Papiz: Drums

Follow The Red Widows: Bandcamp / Facebeook
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