The Worship of Silence
(In The Early Hours)
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Post metal, Stoner Doom
Sounds Like:
Life of Agony, Hammers of Misfortune, Neurosis
We have been digging deep to find something like this. Something a little off the beaten path with dominant energetic vocals but maintaining that overcast vibe. Welcome The Worship of Silence hailing from Oakland California. This is the type of band where the vocals are so prominent that it will make or break the listener’s experience. If you are not feeling the writhing pain that frontman Hutton delivers this may not be the album for you. Much akin to the great bands like Mindfunk and Life of Agony, Joseph Hutton has that infectious tone that we find intriguing and hypnotic. The only way we can describe Hutton’s vocals is if you take a Paul Stanley from Kiss and arm him with some stronger pipes (and better lyrics) and morph him together with Mina Caputo from Life of Agony you may have the formula that Hutton delivers.

Hutton’s other project is the more popular, Hammers of Misfortune, which delves into the more conventional metal territories. In The Early Hours hits much more experimental and emotional nerve endings. The three tracks blend together beautifully taking the listener through a variety of highs and lows that bleed a pretty wide range.

1. (It's Not Better Than the) Drugs (12:22)
2. The Palest Parts of You (14:09)
3. Trying to Breathe Through Your Eyes (16:30)
Total Running Time = 43:01

What is the standout track?
The closing track, "Trying to Breathe Through Your Eyes" really takes the cake. The heaviest of the three tracks with the most contrast as the track delves into somber emotional territory in the last 3-4 minutes. The track typifies the well thought out songwriting and descriptive imagery. “Starving for oxygen, your brains trying to pull it through the skin, Nothings getting in. I can feel your heart beat fight against my palm And then it’s calm.”

What adult beverage do we recommend accompany In The Early Hours?
Lord Hobo’s ‘Consolation Prize’ At 9.23 ABV this IPA packs a punch, but is so smooth it will creep up on you as does the onslaught of Baker and Walker fretwork. We taste tones of fruit, lemon grass full of resin and honey. About half way into this one you take a look at that gleaming can and say to yourself... ”this shit is good”. While on the East coast we feel this is an important introduction for the Oaklandites. Lord Hobo is expanding dramatically further West and it should hit stores eventually.

Band Members:
Joshua Baker: Guitar
Sanjeev Brar: Drums
Joseph Hutton: Vocals
Paul Walker: Bass

Final thoughts for In the Early Hours?
Coming across albums like these are exactly why we do what we do. This album will be a mainstay in our heavy rotation as it has the ability to take us to a different place. On top of this great find, we were excited to also come across The Worship of Silence’s re-release of their 26 minute epic track entitled "Amplified By The Sun," a much doomier trip and also well worth your time. We highly recommend you throw these guys some of your hard earned cash as a ‘name your price’ on BandCamp. These folks from Oakland have some serious talent. We hope Hutton sticks with this vibe as it really hits a nerve with us. An emotional journey you need to experience 43 minutes straight though uninterrupted. - 7/6/2017

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