These Arms Are Snakes
(Tail Swallower and Dove)
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Hardcore, Math Rock
Sounds Like:
The Jesus Lizard, Narrows, Transition
Ever get so entrenched in a movie, where the complexity, intensity and atmosphere meld together so well that it temporarily allows you to disconnect from your current situation. You reflect back on the movie about how quickly it flew by, how well the plot intertwined and wonder who were the minds behind this unique creation (e.g.- Momento, The Serpent and the Rainbow, etc.). Welcome These Arms Are Snakes on their third full-length album Tail Swallower and Dove.

This album is an avalanche of sound crossing over many different genres. Much like that perfect movie, there are jaw dropping moments and certain sections where you pause and make a mental note wanting to investigate further. Track 5, "Ethric Double" is a masterpiece with its lurking and grinding guitar work and cryptic lyrics. For one thing we researched the word Ethric and could not come up with anything concrete other than did they mean to spell Etheric?  "Of depleted roots of the ground dug by relics in tombs. Altered, then reborn from blight that was hidden from the eye. My tongue cleanses shapes and encourages return. I am full, I am safe, I am more empty than known".  Track 4  "Lucifer" features some bizarre like synthesizers that harken a Horse the Band feel.  All throughout the math rock off-tempo beats provide a freshness that only a few bands can pull off.

Much like some of its math rock counterparts (The Jesus Lizard , Barkmarket, etc.), the more listens you give, the more it will make sense. Steve Snere’s gritty vocals are accented with lyrical incoherence and symbolism that provides intrigue to put this one at the forefront of your heavy rotation. "Lead Beater" is loaded with Jesus Lizard like bass slapping and vocal yelping and "Briggs" is an eerie tune about a voyeuristic spirit lurking within a bedroom with a chilling ending providing for a powerful closing to the intrigue.

After many a listen this has become a mainstay in our rotation and we hope you give it the attention it deserves. These Arms Are Snakes have put forth something very special here, that has  surprisingly escaped popularity.

Standout Tracks: Ethric Double, Woolen Heirs
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