Third Ear Experience
(Stones of a Feather)
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Space rock, Progressive rock, Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
Yuri Gagarin, Causa Sui, First Band From Outer Space
3rd Ear Experience have consistently been one of our most played artists over the past few years since the Boi/Dog Ear split album. What they bring to the table is a tremendous vision through exploring various forms of rock music and expanding the limits of traditional space rock. The band are specialists at blending elements of psychedelic and space rock along with touches of prog rock and krautrock, they even cross into World music territory. Their latest effort Stones of a Feather is no different, the band shows more passion for exploration and knows no boundaries… the way of this style music should played.

Stones of a Feather
, the bands’ fourth album will take you on a journey through numerous psychedelic landscapes. It’s extremely difficult to put into words the feel of album. The flow is terrific as each song feeds off one another creating a grandiose experience. We urge you to crank this one up as you read this and absorb the otherworldly realm of 3rd Ear Experience.

What are the highlights of the album?
We have to question ourselves at times why we ask this as Stone of a Feather has no distinctive highlights. If we must choose some highlights, dive right into the 19:59 minute “Space Tripping”. This song is a space rock lover’s dream. What is so impressive about this lengthy track is they keep you entertained, there is not one dull moment. We can’t say enough about this song, it’s a smooth space rock tune that is peaceful and trippy and then it takes a turn towards some heavy, inspirational jamming. It’s by far one of the best tracks we have heard all year by any artist and we listen to a ton of shit.

If you’re in a World music type of mood, check out “Return of the Peacock”. This meandering psychedelic instrumental is so comforting, the addition of the flute and what sounds like a Hammond organ adds the perfect amount of flavor. We are suckers when it comes to flutes added to our rock music. Also, give the second cut a whirl, “The Old Woman’s Dance” (great title by the way). The interaction between the guitars and synths is tremendous; the band finds itself heading toward Hawkwind territory for a moment, and we’ll just leave it at that.

How is the production value?

3rd Ear Experience is in top form on this album as all their releases are. 3rd Ear never cease to amaze us, they are truly talented musicians. The drumming is rhythmic, guitars are psychedelic, the synth work is terrific as usual, and the deep, ominous bass work grounds the album, bringing it down to earth.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?

Grab yourself a bottle of Ommegang Three Philosophers. This 9.70 ABV American Quad is a classic drink and compliments this album really well.

Does 3rd Ear Experience have other albums worth listening to?
Of course, once you hear this one, there are three more albums to get lost in. Check out Peacock Black (2013), Boi (2013), Dog Ear (2014) and Incredible Good Fortune (2014).

What are our final thoughts on Stones of a Feather?
We are not surprised by this release as we have come to expect great things from 3rd Ear Experience. Robbi Robb and company have yet again released a top album that should work its way into our top 11 albums of 2016 list.

1. Flight of Annunaki 10:07
2. The Old Woman’s Dance 8:06
3. Return of the Peacock 9:55
4. Chungo 9:16
5. Balladeer’s Tale 16:02
6. Space Tripping 19:59
7. Everlasting Sea 4:53

Band Members:
Robbi Robbi, Amritakripa, Alan Dude Swanson, Richard Stuverud, Dino Archon, Eric Ryan, Joey Vera, Butch Reynolds, Jorge Bassman

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