Third Whale
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Neo-Psychadelic rock
Sounds Like:
The Verve, Tame Impala
We love music that can naturally distort your senses. Third Whale does just that on their debut self-titled EP as all four tracks create a haze induced state of mind thanks to the swirling guitar work and euphoric distant vocals. All four songs feature stellar lead guitar-work that hits our neurons hard creating fog and greatly distracting our current happenings.

There is not much information out there about these folks other than they formed in 2015 and hail from Oslo, Norway. The foursome deliver wonderful chemistry along with four very detailed and consistent tracks.

What is our favorite track off the album to burn if you only had a few bucks to spare?
First off just buy the whole fucking album for $5 on BandCamp. Given the common thread throughout this album there really is no standout track. Its all solid. Therefore we will guide you by saying go with the longest track in “Take It Out”. As the EP plays like one intertwined song, you will get your bang for the buck out of this one. The bass-lines are rich and deep and the percussion work diverges quite a bit throughout the 10 minute journey. Check-out how good they bring things down at the 5 minute mark and the drum spotlight along side the piercing guitar work is chilling.

Does the album art reflect the music?
Snow covered trees in a purple haze deliver some of the frigid vibe. Fact of the matter is this album is very spacial and rich with psychedelic and shoegaze undertones. There are many vibrant moments throughout and we would have preferred images with more depth.

What was the most unique moment on the album?
The goth-like rhythms of the intro to “In Dreams”. We hear Bauhaus and pill popping staccato that morphs back to the swirling sound that is Third Whale.

What other albums do we recommend if you enjoy this album?
Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space or A Storm In Heaven and Forth by The Verve.

What adult beverage to we recommend while listening to Third Whale?
Smuttynose Baltic Porter - 9.24% ABV. Rich and strong... this EP and a few of these will put you on another planet.

What are our final thoughts for this album?
We are excited to have come across Third Whale. While The foursome stay very much within the psychedelic euphoric boundaries they shine with their patience and consistency on this debut. We will certainly keep them in heavy rotation and encourage you to pick-up the EP.

Eivind Skolt: Bass guitar
Kent Rudolfsson: Drums
Henning Gulbrandsen: Guitar & Vocals
Vegard Magnhildson: Guitar & Keys

Track Listing:
1- Stellar Love (she said one night) 7:39
2- In Dreams 3:50
3- Mamas Heart 3:57
4- Take It Out 10:58
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