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Coheed and Cambria, Porcupine Tree
We typically try to stay away from making too many sounds like references in our reviews since we have already provided you with a few comparable bands. Hard to do that on this one as 3, in our opinion, is the alter-ego of Coheed & Cambria (C&C). After additional research, we come to find out that the two bands had toured together for some time. In addition, the drummer from 3 left to join up with C&C.

3 formed in 1994 and have put out six albums to date. The direct comparison to C&C primarily results from the vocal style of Joey Eppard's blatant similarity to Claudio Sanchez (C&C). As is often characteristic of the progressive genre, Eppard's voice primarily hits the higher register. That being said, both Eppard and Sanchez utilize what we like to call a "babyish" vocal style. Some call it sappy and awkward, but nonetheless an acquired taste. The distinctions we can make between the two bands is that 3 is a bit more straightforward and crisp. Their songs tend not to have the complexity and layers in sound, but much less depth and storytelling in their lyrics. In addition, Eppard has a very different guitar style almost branding his own punch flamenco style. Eppard's staccato guitar work is very tight, fast and clean.

What 3 does offer on Wake Pig is a pretty solid album with some fantastic deep acoustic guitar interplays. Check-out "Bramfatura", a terrific instrumental showing some Steve Howe-esque flamenco licks... very cool, but short. The self-titled track has very inspiring lyrics and has a variety of interesting change-ups. Most of the tracks have dark undertones and are well thought out and elaborate with quite a bit of flow and interesting melodies. Out of the 13 tracks, only 7 and 8 disrupt the flow of Wake Pig. "Dogs of War" and "Soul to Sell" are unfortunately misplaced on the album, very flat and lacking punch. The last track, "Amazedisgrace" is 15 minutes (with a brief gap of space) of anthemic power and melody. Very interesting ending with some impressive bass and percussion solos.

While we have made several C&C references here, this album is for progressive rock fans that enjoy ebbs and flows of complexity and precision . If you are a C&C fan and enjoy the acquired higher register vocals, this is well worth picking-up. Wake Pig contains 11 of 13 impressive tracks, a worthwhile addition to your collection.

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