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Sounds Like:
At The Drive In, Window Pane, The Damned
One of our favorite obscure punk bands that formed in the late 80s is back! We have been searching high and low for the whereabouts of the San Franciscan based Transition over the last two decades and alas this EP pops up on BandCamp! Their only full length album entitled Spine was a former Rotation11 Editor’s Pick. We encourage you to check-out the review. It is an exceptional packed bundle of energy. How would they fair some 22 years later?

Track Listing:

1. Can’t Stay Back (4:51)
2. Permanence (6:19)
3. Wide Hole World (2:26)
4. Sandbagged & Skinned (2:38)

The foursome have not skipped a goddamn beat. The opener "Can’t Stay Back" warms our hearts as Benson’s unique voice invigorates our nostalgic senses. Similar raw production compliments the piercing guitar work and some very heavy grinding guitar licks. A few change-ups tease us, but overall the track is adrenaline packed.

"Permanence" is the standout track on the EP. Perhaps the darkest track ever made by Transition as they crank up the echo. You will notice on this track the change-ups that made them such a fucking wonderful find back in the day.  The track reminds us of Perry Farrel back in the late eighties jamming with the Long Island brilliant obscure band Window Pane. “Free burning!!” Benson’s belts out as the vocals on this track steal the show.

"Wide Hole World" sounds like a lost track off of Spine. Perkinson’s detail on this track is amazingly tight and the start-stop action resonates and hearkens us back to the day.

The closer is absolutely bizarre. Abrasive death metal vocals accompany Benson. We hear the yelping of “Eat Shit and Die” and dramatic contrast that is a bit unsettling. Strange as all heck but entertaining while it does not lose the Transition vibe.

Band Members:
Chris Baker - Bass
Gabriel Gavriloff - Guitar
Jack Perkinson - Drums
David Benson - Voice

Now this EP may not be for everyone in this modern day. But lovers of core to the bore punk will very much appreciate what Transition has done here. They have successfully revived the richness and feel of an album more than two decades old. Transition were a talent that flew way under the radar and became an infatuation for three Long Island boys who would spend hours and hours in the back of record stores searching for the next hidden gems. Thank-you gentlemen for making us feel young again and reviving the energy and precision that made Transition such a big part of our lives. - 3/7/2016

Standout Tracks:
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