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Saturday, October 19, 2013
Obscure and somewhat difficult to find, we revel in the energy and intelligent work put forth in Spine. This album was originally discovered by three of our editors at Rotation11 way way back in the day. Transition was a four-piece power alternative punk band hailing from San Francisco. While there are other bands out there named Transition, the key distinction is the period (.) after their name. The album is out of print, but well worth the hunt and it's the only album they ever put out, but man did they have promise and talented writing skills.

Mediocre production aside, Spine soars with its powerful 32 minutes of angst and complex song arrangements. What makes this album so powerful is its intertwining unique guitar work coupled with its way ahead of the curve drum work. The last track, "Neveragaining", is an absolute masterpiece. Seven minutes of (pardon the reference) transitioning in and out of unique hooks and tremendous lyrics: “I’ve felt the pleasure of it’s weight and the guilt of its relief, so I’m setting this example naked to you, then naked to the world and I’m giving it up.”  Sickness to Insanity also shines with its complexity and grinding guitar-work, putting a hop and bounce to your step. It’s a wild 3-minute gem that gives you so many variations that intertwine coupled with jaw dropping percussion.

Give this one several listens and if you love originality and intelligent work, you will get it. Transition was a true one-album wonder.

Standout Track: Neveragaining
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