(Dreaming Black)
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Hard rock, Grunge
Sounds Like:
For Love Not Lisa, Screaming Trees, Jerry Cantrell
Grunge styed rock from Budapest, Hungary? Trillion’s debut album Dreaming Black will transport you back to that late 90s thru early 2000s rock era. At a time when bands were transitioning from that Seattle grunge stereotype to a more open-ended modern day heavy rock style. The band sounds as if they were plucked from somewhere in the North West Coast US and not Hungary. There are a ton of influences to be found throughout the album ranging from Stone Temple Pilots and For Love Not Lisa to Soundgarden or Jerry Cantrell to name a few. There’s not one note here that doesn’t remind us of another popular rock band, it drives us crazy as we can’t put a finger on all the similarities.

Pretty much the entire album sounds very similar as they don’t stray too far from their style. However, there are a few that steer in a slightly different direction. The opening track is nothing special, an energetic song where the vocals feel a bit dramatic with Staind-like self-loathing lyrics. It does get better as we move on, “Leather, Tail, Creeps” is more toned down and doesn’t feel forced; the song has a natural flow. The third track “Maths” sounds as if Incubus and Jerry Cantrell shared studio space and cranked out a single.

The album falls apart on “Dreaming Black,” a faced paced tune that goes nowhere. Track five showcases some nice acoustics, thankfully it stays at a moderate pace, it’s not a standout track, but it somehow sticks with you. Track six is a bit different, short and to the point, the screeching vocals are a nice touch. “Anthem” is just a run-of-the-mill heavy rock song, we can take it or leave it, it seems a bit forgettable. The second to last song, “Worktoy” is very good, we hear a bit of newer King’s X here along with some originality, this track has good flow and great bass, could be the standout track. The last song features more acoustic work and nice background vocals. We really gravitated toward this one, the soft Incubus like melody is great.

Trillion are a good heavy rock band and while they may not be very original, there are a few good moments on the album. There is just not enough originality to keep coming back, we feel as if we have heard this album over and over with all the influences. Check out songs 2, 8, 9 and 5 and call it a day. - 4/11/2016

Band Members:

András Áron - vocal, guitar
Mátyás Mohácsi - bass
László Szabó – drums

Track Listing:
1. Crumble Me 3:00
2. Leather, Tail, Creeps 6:08
3. Maths 5:38
4. Dreaming Black 3:36
5. Words From A Long Long Time 5:53
6. Suicide 2:59
7. Anthem 3:47
8. Worktoy 4:58
9. Lower Hutt (Witches of the North) 5:41

Standout Tracks: Worktoy, Lower Hutt
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