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Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Elder, Nebula, Acrimony
We recently dusted off Tummler's second album, Early Man put out by the great Small Stone Record label and threw it in heavy rotation. Sure glad we did as it takes us back to a time when the stoner rock genre was trying to find its place in today's music. Tummlers' style ay not be original, but they had formula that was distinctive.

As good as the sludgy guitar, percussion and overall backdrop is, frontman Brad Buldak's vocals will make or break this one. They are dominate and become the deciding factor for the listener, a factor that won us over. If you like quirky from the gut vocals much akin to Glen Danzig meets Paw's Mark Hennessy, throw in some Raised Fist's Alle Hagman and Life of Agony's Keith Caputto, then you will surely enjoy this one. Brad's  style is nasally and ornery and a clear impediment to the casual listener who may not have the patience. After several listens, we found consumed with his infectious grunting from the gut style.

Early Man is filled with splashes of doom metal with blends of sludge and straight shooting stoner rock. We found special love in the 11-minute "Planet Moai" leading the way as the album's heavy hitter. The opener "Shooting Blanks," features some core driving very sharp guitar licks to get the juices flowing. The same can be said for the blissful but grappling highlight that is "Freightliner," one of the more straight shooting rock songs on the album. The listener is provided a little break with the well timed instrumental, "Here's to Your Destruction". Ending the album, we never understood the gimmick behind bonus tracks but the last two 'bonuses' are far from that. We found the two cuts a distraction from the first six tracks... putting a bit of a downer in delivering an anticlimactic ending. One of the tracks includes a cover of Saint Vitus' "War Is Our Destiny".

Tummler's Early Man is a cool find amongst the obscure gems in the stoner rock world and we recommend grabbing it if you are looking to further diversify your collection. - 3/7/2014

Standout Tracks:
Planet Moai
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