Tuna de Tierra
(Episode I Pilot)
Crank this to 8.8 of 11
Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Sungrazer, Colour Haze, Mindfunk
The highly saturated stoner rock genre hasn’t changed much over time as many band’s today can sound very much like one another. Yes we hear a ton of stoner rock around here and every once in a while we come across a band that just lures us in and captivates us. Welcome Tuna de Tierra from Naples, Italy and their debut EP Eposode 1: Pilot. The trio has all the ingredients necessary to cook up one hell of a tasty psychedelic stoner rock EP. These three songs are very psychedelic, relaxing, trippy and just flat out smooth. The key to this album is how the band gives off a relaxed atmosphere while retaining all the elements of a heavy psych band. The bass is slick and pounding, which gives the album its depth. The drums bring forth the needed heaviness without over doing it. The guitars are smooth and vibrant while the vocals are soft and compliment the music very well. All this contributes to a terrific debut EP that fans of this genre should not overlook.

Band Members:
Alessio De Cicco: guitar, vox
Luciano Mirra: bass guitar
Jonathan Maurano: drums

Track 1: Red Sun (8:25) – A smooth delightful stoner rock song that will flow effortlessly through your speakers. The deep low-toned bass really shines on this one; you can actually feel it when cranked up. The song brilliantly keeps building over time while maintaining an even structure.

Track 2: Ash (7:28) – This one is a bit heavier and dense. The beginning of this song resembles one of our favorite bands of all time, Mindfunk. The music sounds similar to their 1995 album The People Who Fell From The Sky, if you’re not familiar with them, we highly recommend you stop what you are doing and seek out Mindfunk. This track has some serious heavy grooves and the addition of the whispering background vocals make this a classic stoner rock tune.

Track 3: El Paso de la Tortuga (4:08) – A wonderful blend of Middle Eastern soundscapes and tranquil stoner rock. A nice song to bring this EP to a close, and leaving us wanting more.

These guys have a tremendous future ahead of them. We are impressed with their patience and holding back, creating a relaxing, yet heavy album that separates them from the pack. They could have easily released a heavy stoner-driven album that gets lost in the shuffle. Go seek them out, they are currently offering this as a ‘Name Your Price’ EP on Bandcamp, you can’t go wrong. - 10/1/2015

Standout Tracks:
All three
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