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Progressive rock, Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
5ive - metal band, Karma To Burn
Tundra is a brand spanking new band from Venice, Italy and they have put forth an impressive debut album with Coro. This trio is comprised of two bassists and a drummer, so naturally we were intrigued. Their blend of instrumental music melds the styles of Stoner and Progressive rock together; they also throw in a little Math rock feel once in a while. The sound of having two bassists is a bit unusual and refreshing. Without having a guitarist and the use of minimal synths; they must be creative to keep the listener interested. And yes, they have kept our attention throughout the album, so, kudos to them.

Track 1, "Shanti" starts with a slow synth vibe than gradually a deep spacious rhythm takes form and fills the air and spreads like a contagious virus. The deep sounds of the bass(s) are thunderous and the pounding drums may test the quality of your speakers. Now on to track two, "Fallegesto," this could be one of the standout tracks; it falls in and out between Progressive rock and Math rock and it’s very entertaining. This song also has somewhat of an old Therapy? vibe (perhaps when they were called Baby Teeth and Pleasure Death). On "Anatema" we get to hear that good ol’ stoner rock influence and it’s a nice change of pace from the first two tracks, a great example of how they mix things up. The catchy "Subdolo Spionaggio Segreto" is very infectious and quick, lasting only 2:34 minutes.

Things start to slow down a bit on "Cinque," it has a trippy vibe that will have you mesmerized for the full 6:06 minutes. The two bassists really shine on this track; we are able to hear the distinct playing of each instrument, could be the highlight of the album. With tracks like "Insterismo Di Massa," "Elvetica" and "Ostinato" they keep the album rolling along with more of the progressive instrumental atmosphere we have come to expect from Tundra. While "Lucidatrice," track 9 has very smooth second half and we can hear these musicians are in full synch, they don’t miss a beat.

Tundra has released a damn fine album that should start to make waves into the progressive and stoner rock worlds. We are glad to be here to see them start their journey and grow as a band. - 7/6/2014

Standout Tracks: Cinque, Fallegesto
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