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The Conjuring
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Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Kyuss, Colour Haze, High on Fire
Thursday, July 24, 2014
#11 ALBUM OF 2014
Every once in a while a band comes along where their entire catalog is flawless and you don’t realize this until a few years pass by and several albums are under their belt. Wo Fat, from Dallas, Texas falls under this category for us as their newest and fifth album The Conjuring is another outstanding chapter for the band. If you’re a longtime fan; then you are proud of this release. If you’re a newcomer than look out, they will suck you into their world of psych-blues, stoner jams.

First off, this album seems to be more trippy and dense than their previous release The Black Code. The vocals are blended a bit more into the music creating this atmospheric stoner rock aura. We hear this right away with the opening track "The Conjuring" and this 9:51 minute song starts off in good ol’ Wo Fat style. The doom-riffs are sooo thick, as the song builds you’ll be eager to kick things off. The sludgy vocals of Kent Stump are layered perfectly among the massive wall of sound and are not overpowering nor under used as they are actually very trippy here. The rhythm on this song maintains this mid-tempo heavy groove that doesn’t let up one bit. That’s one formula Wo Fat uses very well, a very heavy rhythm that is somewhat hypnotic and becomes the foundation for their songs. "Read The Omens," track two is a bit faster, and man it just takes off. The subtle rhythmic changes are absolutely flawless; it seems to come natural to them. The breakdown at the 3:56 mark has a Clutch-like groove for a moment, then its right back to a steady-paced jam. This song out of nowhere just takes off on an even faster pace towards the end. This is only track two and we’re impressed as all hell. Can they keep this up? If you know Wo Fat, than yes you know they will.

The nightmarish spoken word opening on track three, "Pale Rider From the Ice" has us wondering where they are going, it’s great exploration. When the drums come into place, you know it’s going to epic. This track develops a classic stoner rock riff that lies underneath the wall of psyched-out guitars and bass. Moving onto the upbeat "Beggars Bargain," this one is buoyant and very catchy, especially with the cowbell. Again, this track just morphs into a steady jam that will leave you very satisfied. This brings us to the final track "Dreamwalker". This one is 17:10 minutes long with no gaps or filler crap that we often hear from other bands. Wo Fat do not pull this stunt, they are all business. The bassist really shines on this song, he holds a steady flow throughout, and it’s quite impressive. The music on this track is so thick and rich, its hypnotic heavy flow will somehow take control of your conscious without you knowing. The echoed vocals just add to the wonderment of the song and the changeups are flawless as usual. As the track progresses, it becomes more open and spacious and the bassist still hasn’t missed a beat from the beginning. It’s a terrific ending to another great Wo Fat album.

So, there you have it, what else can we say, it’s definitely a frontrunner for one of the top albums of 2014. While they haven’t reinvented stoner rock, they definitely put their own stamp on this genre and are becoming an influence to younger bands. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up as it will become a mainstay in your collection. - 7/24/2014

Standout Tracks:
Read The Omens, Pale Rider From the Ice
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