Wooden Shjips
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Stoner rock, Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
Hawkwind, MC5
San Francisco’s Wooden Shjips are back to entertain us with their blend of pshycodelic, space-rock jamming once again. Repetition is the key to this album, once they start on a rhythm, there’s no looking back, there’s virtually no change-ups here. However, it’s not all drone, West, is extremely catchy, just listen to “Flight”. 

All the songs are 5-7 minutes of fuzzed out rock which is perfect, not too short, so you can soak in the music not too long to lose interest. And with organ scattered throughout, it just adds some welcomed flavor. Singer Ripley Johnsons’ monotone vocals are treated like one of the instruments; they blend in perfectly with not much range, as he never disturbs the mood of the music. As good as this album is, it’s tough to listen to the whole thing while driving, you may space-out, so just add it to a playlist.

Standout Tracks: Flight, Lazy Bones
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