(Confirmation Bias)
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Post punk, Indie
Sounds Like:
Fugazi, Orangutang, Candy Machine
Confirmation Bias is the sophomore release from Chicago’s post-punk based Yeesh. Doyle’s vocals hold steady and really grow on you after several listens. Doyle reminds us throughout the album of Orangutang’s vocalist Christian Dyas without the sarcastic edge. We appreciate the steadfast consistency in vocal tone and angst. No wavering in style and dissonance but there is the occassional change-up that becomes quite impactful. The album features post punk with an indie garage rock flare and Doyle’s fretwork is impressive at times. Things really pick-up on the album once "World Building" kicks in.

Track Listing:
1. Other Quandaries (1:15)
2. Xan Wagon (2:20)
3. Limbo District (3:38)
4. World Building (3:38)
5. Speechless (2:29)
6. One Weird Trick (2:44)
7. End Results (2:58)
8. Frontline (3:21)
9. Well Adjusted (3:55)
10. Placeholder (6:35)

What are the top two tracks we recommend downloading if you had a few bucks to spare?
Without question, "World Building". A powerful bouncy track with some very impressive catch hooks. The staccato bass and tempo changes make for a dramatic track. Not too far off is the closer "Placeholder" a mellower meandering track that has some very powerful build-up.

What other albums do we recommend if you enjoy Yeesh?
We  mentioned Orangutang so lets finish the thought. Grab Dead Sailor Acid Blues a stellar album with similar anthemic views but even more depth and contrast.

How is the production on this album ?
Solid… more of a rustic live feel to the album, but enough clarity to make the change-ups powerful.

What adult beverage do we recommend with this Confirmation Bus?
Anti-hero’s microbrew from Chicago and their A Little Crazy line. A Pilsner malt base provides a nice toasty flavor with hints of caramel and enough fermentable sugar to make this a rather substantial beer. This drives home the aromas of fresh citrus rind to make this a very drinkable and extremely aromatic Belgian American Pale Ale.
(ABV  6.8IBU  35)

What are our final thoughts for Confirmation Bus?

While many of the tracks sound similar to one another along with the nonsensical opener "Other Quandaries" there is enough quality here to put us in a positive mood. Doyle’s persistence and style takes some time to settle in, but after several rotations you really get a sense of his vision. Well thought out lyrics and unique song structure outweigh some of the duds here. Punk and indie fans should give this one several listens and we think it will prevail for them. We just missed the trio in concert on their Northeast travels, but hope to catch them some time in the coming months. - 9/6/2016

Band Members:
Alex Doyle- Guitar / Vocals
Peter Reale- Drums
Greg Obis- Bass / Vocals

Record Label: Tiny Engines

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