What Noise?
Crank this to 8.4 of 11
Noise rock
Sounds Like:
Craw, The Jesus Lizard, Barkmarket
Monday, June 18, 2018
Zahir’s debut albumWhat Noise is a bludgeoning of aggressive noise-filled fuzz. Much akin to Jesus Lizard’s David Yow, Tambet Jurno does a wonderful job at the helm with an onslaught of steady vocal discord and dismay. The Estonian natives do a nice job of keeping things on track and not trying to cast to wide of a net as we often encounter with this genre. The 8 tracks will certainly challenge your headphone experience, but provide enough consistency that we found ourselves grasping their message and vision after several rotations.

Vocal Performance - 8.9 of 11
A blissful dose of discord

Weight of the Heavy - 9.4 of 11
Ringworm testing your woofers.

Flow and Song Structure – 8.6 of 11
We appreciate the patience and consistent formula.

Fretwork Prowess – 8.8 of 11
Feedback laced fuzz always a bit difficult to rate, but we enjoy the off-kilter rhythms. 

Contrast – 7.2 of 11
Noise rock quite often lacks the contrast ...just a given.

Album Cover Aesthetics – 8.5 of 11
Intestinal fortitude?

Production Value – 7.9 of 11
Recorded and mixed by Laurie Urb. 

Standout Track(s) 
The closer "Duracell Killer" takes the cake. Contains some jaw dropping grinding riffs.

Alcohol Pairing
Põhjala Cellar Series - Odravein Bourbon BA. 16% ABV. Estonian and strong as fuck. A powerful barley wine that has been aged for more than 6 months in bourbon barrels. Brewed for the 1st anniversary of Põhjala’s Tallinn brewery

Lasting Impression
Organized chaos well worth your time. ‘What Noise’ is a refreshing dose of anger and dismay that deserves your attention. - 6/19/2018

1. Nice Parking, Asshole (4:17)
2. Well Manicured Man (7:29)
3. The Party (4:11)
4. Exorcism- (6:54)
5. Burgers for Histages (2:10)
6. Back to the Hand (3:57)
7. I Fitness (1:39)
8. Duracell Killer (4:37)

Band Members:
Tambet Jurno (Guitar,Vocals)
Raul Reinup (Guitar)
Maike Lond (Guitar)
Margo Pajula (Drums)

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