All Types of Medicine
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Ambient, Trip Hop , Rock
Sounds Like:
Aphex Twin, Biosphere
Saturday, April 08, 2017
Agreed, this is not a genre we typically gravitate towards. Partially due to the over saturation within the market as every Tom, Dick, Harry and Jane being able to create a digital album from their home or even on their iPhone. And partially due to the fact that the minimalist nature of ambient music is so fucking difficult to review. Kxrn’s album All Types of Medicine hit our radar purely due its innovative album artwork. If you do get a chance certainly check-out the discography on BandCamp as Kxrn has put out 16 releases so of which contains some very intriguing album artwork.

All Types of Medicine is a 24 minutes ambient instrumental journey through that touches on pain, the hope of wellness and medicinal numbing effects. Subtle feedback and the crackling of vinyl production are consistent and appreciated throughout the endeavor.

Track listing:
1. Sobriety & inebriation (5:03)
2. I Should Sleep (3:40)
3. I Think I’m In Love (3:21)
4. Comfort Zone (3:09)
5. Existential Nihilism (2:25)
6. Still Waiting to Get Better (2:22)
7. All Types of Medicine (2:53)
8 Mental Health (3:18)

What are the two most impressive tracks off the album?
"Still Waiting To Get Better" takes us from an overcast and wet landscape to some subtle trip hop beats that provide hope and perhaps a glimpse of the skies opening. While precipitation overrides the day and really takes a hold in the last 20 seconds its an innovative track.

The closer "Mental Health" is perhaps our favorite of the eight tracks. We get a sense of clarity on this track. The production is a bit tighter and the clarity is almost comforting. The track is perhaps best suited for a psychological thriller in its culmination surveying the devastated landscape ahead.

If you appreciate All Types of Medicine what other albums do we recommend you add to your library?
Drukqs by Aphex Twin is a mindfuck of an ambient experience. The double album contains significantly more movement than this one, but has a similar vibe. Darker, perhaps, but certainly one hell of a mind numbing endeavor.

What are our final thoughts?
To be frank, ambient albums often annoy us particularly if they contain repetitive beats or effects ad nauseam. All Types of Medicine is not going to blow you away with its technical prowess, but it will relax your senses. We appreciate the consistent theme and story this one has to tell. Throw this one on if you need to concentrate, as we think it will enhance your focus and relax any pressures. Give this one a whirly as you consider dabbling in this expansive and hard to pin down genre. - 4/8/2017

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