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Folk, Ambient, Psychedelic folk
Sounds Like:
Hexvessel, Darkwood
:novembthree: are a psychedelic folk duo from the deep dark woods of the Pacific Northwest, USA. Comprised of two very talented musicians, Pythagumus and Michael, the collaboration between these two is very unique. Each contribute on all the instruments and vocals to create a mesmerizing, gentle sound that is very dark, calming and a bit ambient. Renewing is six beautifully and well thought-out songs that convey sadness and a dream-like aura through the use of soft vocals, compelling lyrics and various instruments.

Track 1:
Soil Binds Breath and Bone (7:15) – The title of this tune is very fitting.  It’s a very somber song with soft acoustics, heartfelt dual vocals, an easygoing tribal percussion and a lonesome flute. The whispering styled vocals really help accentuate a ‘Breath and Bone’ feeling.

Track 2: Sunlight
(4:10) – Picking up from the first song, this one continues that gentle, ethereal feeling. The dual vocals are terrific here; it’s a simple, pleasant song.

Track 3: Autumnal Procession
(6:03) – One of the standout tracks. The ghostly rhythm in the beginning sets the tone for great exploration. Slowly building, this track develops a tribal beat that sounds very powerful when turned up a bit. The lead vocals have this classic Peter Gabriel vibe from his Genesis days.

Track 4: Sing of Beauty
(4:34) – Dark, with lyrics about death. Actually it’s done quite beautifully, and is surprisingly uplifting with the lyrics of ‘sing of beauty, sing of life…. sing of beauty, sing of death’.

Track 5: Long Shadow (6:54) – This aptly named song is morose with great vocal chants (we seem to hear some female background vocals here as well). This track has a ghostly acoustic note that is carried out through the entire song, creating a feeling of loneliness.

Track 6: The River Splits the Stone (7:53) – Nature meets melancholy. This song has a rustic ambient feel, a very fitting last song.

:novemthree: have a different vibe going for them compared to other folk artists. It will put you in a surreal state-of-mind and take you away from everyday life for a moment. It’s a great ‘escape’ album that is worthy of your attention. - 8/17/2014

Standout Tracks:
Soil Binds Breath and Bone, Sing of Beauty
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