leben lassen
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Post-Hardcore, Screamo
Sounds Like:
Ink and Dagger, Glassjaw, La Dispute
Friday, January 03, 2020
Hamburg, Germany’s rha. has released their best album to date in leben.lassen. Patience and build-up defines rha. Their blend of gut-wrenching screamo and new age landscapes makes for some of the most dynamic contrast of the year. This album takes you into a deep calm and then thrusts you out into the depths of hell. Excellent fretwork supported by a superb and emotional vocal performance. Not a lick of English on this album, but the cries shower us in the universal language of anguish and suffering. 

Track listing: 
1. Inferno (12:54) 
2. Die eigene obiektivitat ist die grobe illusion des menschen (4:25) 
3. Interlude (3:01) 
4. Zu zweit allein (8:05) 
5. Krampfhaft (10:21) 

Standout track: 
The closer "Krampfhaft" is a battle axe funeral dirge. We envision a sacrificial army thrust into some of the bloodiest combat endurable. Thereafter the calming aftermath. Militant percussion and drumroll shine for one hell of a track. 

Adult Beverage Pairing: 
Alsterwasser Orange by GRÖNINGER provides a nice refreshing accent to Rha. ’S latest gem. Mixed beer drink made from 50% Gröninger Pils and 50% refreshing drink with orange flavor. Natural cloudiness - this is fruit juice reduction possible. 

Captivation and Variety 
9.3 out of 11 

Weight of the Heavy 
9.8 out of 11 

Fretwork Prowess 
8.6 out of 11 

Bass Undercurrent 
8.4 out of 11 

9.1 out of 11 

Overall Album Flow 
9.2 out of 11 

9.5 out of 11 

Album Cover Aesthetics   
9.0 out of 11 

Production Value 
8.7 out of 11 

Final thoughts: 
Pain filled with majestic landscapes is what leben.lassen is all about. While there are a few moments of draining guitar shredding there is enough spacing and patience here to make for a very enjoyable full rotation. Your collection needs heavy as inventive as this. Grab it on BandCamp under the punk genre.

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