Sound Preview Lab
Explore the heavy array of music brewing and currently under the microscope with our staff.
Birnam Wood: Greenseer (Heavy psych rock)
Dead Now: Powershapes (Progressive sludge)
Grass: Easy Rider (Stoner rock)
Realm of Wolves: Twelve Miles to Live (Atmospheric black metal)
Sumeru: Summon Destroyer (Doom, Sludge)
Portrayal of Guilt - Your War (Hardcore, Noise)
Cauldron Born: Crusader (Metal)
Horrendous: Soothsayer(Progressive metal)
Berried Alive: Bearies Alive (Experimental metal)
Wytch Hazel: II: Sojourn (Psychedelic, Stoner rock)
Mirovia: Mons(Instrumental psychedelic space rock)
Crystal Warlock: Vacant Moon (Stoner rock)
Ape Vermin: Witch-Jive (Sludge)
Alastor: Black Magic (Doom)
Charger: Damaged (Metal)
Thirst Planet: Muddy Feet (Stoner metal)
Helicon: Dancin' In The Fuckin Dark (Psychedelic rock, Experimental)