Sound Preview Lab
Explore the heavy array of music brewing and currently under the microscope with our staff.
Hillward: Hollow (Progressive rock)
Parius: The Boundless - 2018 (Metal, Progressive)
Highbernation: Motherfuzzer (Doom)
1968: Chemtrail Blues (Heavy rock, Stoner rock, Grunge)
Green Dragon: Poison Finger - 2018 (Doom metal)
KRPL - Nature of Force (Metal, Stoner rock)
The Black Swamp: Event Horizon - 2018 (Sludge rock)
Night Verses: Vice Wave - 2018 (Progressive instrumental metal)
Mara Jade: I Can't Eat, I Can't Sleep, You're All I Think Of And I Think I Love You (Post-rock)
Even Gods Can Die: Death to the Goddess of Drought & Barren Land (Post rock)
Mirovia: Mons(Instrumental psychedelic space rock)
Crystal Warlock: Vacant Moon (Stoner rock)
Atomic Vulture: Wind (Heavy psych rock)
Alastor: Black Magic (Doom)
Frayle: Let The Darkness In (Atmospheric doom)
Thirst Planet: Muddy Feet (Stoner metal)
Helicon: Dancin' In The Fuckin Dark (Psychedelic rock, Experimental)