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Rotation Radar
"Mono Sapiens"
by National Space Agency
Post-metal, Space rock
Sound Preview Lab
Sound Preview Lab
On The Road
Sound Preview Lab
High Priestess: Demo - 2017 (Doom, Heavy psych)
Mindkult: Lucifer's Dream (Psychedelic, Doom rock)
Heavy Whipped Cream: Green Butterfly - 2017 (70s Inspired blues, folk rock)
Tesla Pox: Doppelgänger - 2017 (Indie rock)
Dumb Waiter: Greedy as Fuck - 2016 (Math rock, Experimental, Jazz fusion)
Tuscan 'Crimson Skull' - 2017 (doom/sludge)
Twitching Witches: 'Waiting on a Cut Throat' - 2017 (Rockabilly)
Twangozilla: Lorna Undresses - 2017 (Rockabilly)
The Space Cats: Mittens 5 (improv) - 2017 (Progressive rock)
Even Gods Can Die: Death to the Goddess of Drought & Barren Land - 2017 (Post rock)
Mirovia: Mons 2016 (Instrumental psychedelic space rock)
Petyr: Satori III - 2017 (stoner rock)
The Phantom Broadcast: Until Next Time- 2016 (Alternative)
Alastor: Black Magic - 2017 (Doom)
Ancestro: Culebro - 2016 (Sludge, Ambient)
Black Tar Heroines: Faded - 2016 (Punk, Alternative)
Warm: 'Among Lesser Birds' - 2016 (Experimental Post Metal)
Mission Drift: Droid - 2017 (Progressive thrash)
Mary & the Highwalkers: Misguided- 2017 (Stoner rock, Heavy psych)

I Drink Therefore There's Darkness: 'Our Hands Clasped Tight' Moancore/Indie Rock (2017)

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