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Bringer of False Light
Tentacle Wizard
Full Review and Video Clip
Rotation Radar
by Blue Cheese
Stoner rock, Hard rock
Sound Preview Lab
Sound Preview Lab
On The Road
Sound Preview Lab
Sundrifter: Sky Peoples Son - 2018 (Stoner rock)
Slugdge: Putrid Fairytale - 2018 (Sludge metal)
ciolkowska / циолковская - 'Huldra-108' 2017 (Psychedelic space rock)
Surfing in Hell: Reborn in Heaven - 2017 (Stoner rock)
Hemisaurus: Groovy Little Space Jam - 2017 (Stoner, Space rock)
Seyminhol: Act II Mantle of Madness - 2017 (Progressive metal)
The Black Swamp: Event Horizon - 2018 (Sludge rock)
Swanmay: Lake on Fire - 2017 (Stoner rock)
Mara Jade: I Can't Eat, I Can't Sleep, You're All I Think Of And I Think I Love You - 2017 (Post-rock)
Even Gods Can Die: Death to the Goddess of Drought & Barren Land - 2017 (Post rock)
Mirovia: Mons 2016 (Instrumental psychedelic space rock)
Petyr: Satori III - 2017 (stoner rock)
Mary & the Highwalkers: Misguided- 2017 (Stoner rock, Heavy psych)
Alastor: Black Magic - 2017 (Doom)
Ancestro: Culebro - 2016 (Sludge, Ambient)
Black Tar Heroines: Faded - 2016 (Punk, Alternative)
Warm: 'Among Lesser Birds' - 2016 (Experimental Post Metal)
Mission Drift: Droid - 2017 (Progressive thrash)

I Drink Therefore There's Darkness: 'Our Hands Clasped Tight' Moancore/Indie Rock (2017)

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