Sound Preview Lab
Explore the heavy array of music brewing and currently under the microscope with our staff.
Desert Colossus: Wicked Man (2020) desertrock
Sluagh: I (2020) Atmospheric Black Metal
Dukatalon: Dark Pool (2020) Sludge Metal
Wave Types: Whitewash (2020) post rock
Voidfire: Kwiat Pustki (2020) black metal sludge 
New Age Love: Decadent Fruit (Hard Rock)
Apewards: Isolated Ground (Hard rock/blues)
Mourning by Morning: Altarpiece (Black Metal)
Horrendous: Soothsayer(Progressive metal)
Berried Alive: Bearies Alive (Experimental metal)
Wytch Hazel: II: Sojourn (Psychedelic, Stoner rock)
Mirovia: Mons(Instrumental psychedelic space rock)
Portrayal of Guilt - Your War (Hardcore, Noise)
Crypt Witch: Holy Gila Monster (Doom, Sludge)
Godzillabong: Sleepwall (Heavy psych, Doom)
Mock the Mankind: Moros (Doom)
Lotek Cruiser: Plotting Forward (Sludge rock)
ESOGENESI: Abominio (Metal)